Free Vocal Tips
People tell Jessica all the time, "I learned to sing on youtube". We all know this is impossible. What you get on youtube are suggestions, directions and advice from professionals who want you to think you can learn online. They know you can't and hope you will reach out and ask them for a paid voice lesson. They are using youtube as a marketing tool to gain your business because they know you will have problems and questions. 

One-on-one instruction or Skype lessons is the only way to become a better singer and work on your unique voice. When I am teaching I am hyper-focused on your breathing, neck muscles, jaw placement, mouth placement, mouth shape, resonant chamber, body position, veins in your neck, facial movement, tone, airflow and so much more! There isn't a youtube lesson that can do that for you.

I do have advice youtube videos for those who are web surfers and enjoy getting basic questions answered, so enjoy!